February 22, 2019 Georgia Mountain Research and Education Center


9:00-9:30 Registration and pre-test

9:30 What is Irrigation Water Management and what is an Irrigation Plan

9:45 Know your Land

What do we need to look at when deciding on an irrigation system?

10:15 Break

10:30 Water Source/Pumping

Where is your water and how much can be pumped

Water Quality?

10:45 Sprinkler and irrigation types and system components

Pipe types and fittings

Impact Sprinklers

Drip Irrigation



11:15 Crops and Crop Rotation or Crop Layout

11:30 Application Rates and Measuring Application Rates and Soil Moisture monitoring

12:00 Lunch

Discussion of NRCS programs

12:45 Building an irrigation system from a bucket

1:30 Maintenance and Operation of irrigation systems

1:45 Outside demonstration of different irrigation systems

3:00 Wrap-up and final quiz/evaluation


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