Georgia Competent Applicator of Pesticides Program (GCAPP)

This course is designed to familiarize Georgians who are not, and do not, need to be licensed certified pesticide applicators with the basic principles of pesticide safety. Pesticide applicators in Georgia are not required to have any pesticide training unless they are using a restricted-use product or they apply any pesticide for a fee. However, employees of cities and counties who regularly or even occasionally apply pesticides (public works and road crews, grounds maintenance personnel, parks and recreation crews, and others), Master Gardeners, home gardeners, and even homeowners caring for their property often apply general use pesticides without being trained in the proper and safe use of these chemicals. The GCAPP program was designed and developed jointly by UGA’s Pesticide Safety Education Program and the Georgia Department of Agriculture’s (GDA) Pesticide Program to provide training and certification for this diverse group of Georgians who occasionally apply pesticides. Through GCAPP, every person who uses pesticides in Georgia can receive training on how to safely, effectively, and responsibly handle and apply pesticides with the goal of protecting the people and environment of Georgia. GCAPP does not require documentation or recertification through the Georgia Department of Agriculture.