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Radon Test Kit

This short-term radon test kit should be hung in the lowest lived-in part of your home (basement or first floor) for 3-7 days . Instructions for using the kit will be shipped with the kit. Additionally, you can watch an instructional video on our website at Upon sending the test in to the lab, you will receive a result that is the average radon level your test detected during the testing period. Your test result should come with instructions on the next steps you should take. For any questions or concerns, you can contact us at

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Homeowner Agreement Statement
I agree to allow the University of Georgia Extension to receive a copy of my radon test results. I understand that I may be contacted by a University of Georgia Radon Educator regarding my results to help me understand what I can do to reduce radon levels in my home and thus reduce the risk for lung cancer. Please note that results may be available to other parties through the Georgia Open Records Act.
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Radon Test Kits

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