Weaving His Art on Golden Looms

Weaving His Art on Golden Looms
This catalog of the works of Athens artist Art Rosenbaum accompanies his first major retrospective exhibition and is fully illustrated, with 51 full-page color images reflecting the entire checklist of the exhibition. Rosenbaum's paintings show many influences, from the American Scene to self-taught art to German Expressionist prints, and their large scale, complexity, and vivid color draw the viewer in. Dennis Harper (Georgia Museum of Art curator of exhibitions), Paul Manoguerra (Georgia Museum of Art curator of American art) and Len Jenkins (playwright) contributed essays to the catalogue, which also includes a 45-minute documentary on DVD titled "It's Not What You Think It Is" and directed by Neil Rosenbaum. Exhibition Dates: Oct. 21, 2006-Jan. 7, 2007

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