Online Better Process Control School Full Course (U.S. Only)

This Online Full Course Better Process Control School is taught through a series of videos and fulfills FDA and USDA requirements to certify supervisors in acidification, thermal processing, and container closure evaluation operations during the canning of low-acid or acidified foods. Once the course has been purchased, a GMA Canned Foods book will be sent to the mailing address you have provided. You will be emailed a link for the course along with a unique username and password that will allow you to enter your online "classroom." You will have 3 months to complete the course before your online "classroom" closes.

Terms and Conditions

All fees for book, shipping/handling, and certificate have been included in the price listed for the course. There is no refund for this course. This Online BPCS is the full course and has 17 chapters associated with it. Each chapter has a test, and a minimum score of 70% is required in order to proceed to the next section. One retest is permitted for each chapter. The exams are not timed, however, each exam is closed book.

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