Homecoming: The Sixth Henry D. Green Symposium of the Decorative Arts

This volume comprises papers from the Georgia Museum of Art's sixth Henry D. Green Symposium for the Decorative Arts, held February 2–4, 2012. The theme marked the museum's return to its expanded building and the return of the symposium to Georgia topics. The publication includes the following essays: Deanne Deavours, "Reminiscences of a Professional Life on the Forefront of American Decorative Arts"; Daniel Kurt Ackermann, "New Stories from Familiar Objects: Discovering the African American Imprint on Southern Decorative Arts at MESDA"; William S. Burdell, "Images of the Geechee People and Their Culture"; Ashley Callahan "Modern Antiques by Henry Eugene Thomas: Images of and Comments on the Georgia Bellflowers Exhibition"; Treadwell Rice Crown, "Known and Grown: Plants and Plantings of Cedar Lane Farm"; Fred and Beth Mercier, "Restoration, Revelation, and Reunion: The General John Floyd House"; John Charles Knowlton Jr., "Small and Gracious: A Planter's Home in Talbot County"; Michelle Miller, "Painted Porcelain of the Lycett Studios of Atlanta"; Tania June Sammons, "Supplied by England: The Thomas Gibbons Silver Collection"; Samuel N. Thomas Jr., "Mechanics of Time: Clock Peddlers of the Southern Piedmont and the Clocks They Peddled"; Chris Schleier, "By Eye and Feel"; William Dunn Wansley, "Cobbham's Dunn Jug"; Kathleen Staples, "The Butler-Downer Coverlet: A Masterpiece of Embroidered Histories"; and Paul Manoguerra, "The Billups Portraits"; as well as four notes delivered by students, an introduction by Dale L. Couch and a foreword by museum director William Underwood Eiland.

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