A Colorful Past: Decorative Arts of Georgia

A Colorful Past: Decorative Arts of Georgia
Edited by Ashley Callahan, former curator of decorative arts, this book contains a selection of the lectures presented at the fourth Henry D. Green Symposium of the Decorative Arts, which was held at the museum in February 2008. Essays include: Maryellen Higginbotham, "Passing Through Georgia: Painting Plain and Fancy"; Geoffrey Steward, "The Art of Conservation"; Treadwell R. Crown, "'whose flamboyant colors I admired: Bright Views across the Spectrum of Georgia Landscapes"; Diane Barret, "'Hands That Can Do'"; Rev. C. Dean Taylor, "The Drop on the Cow's Nose That Never Falls: The Interplay of Art, Narrative, and Truth in the Family Stories of the Conner-Taylor Home, Eufaula, Alabama"; Susan Neill and Sarah H. Hill, "White Legacy: The Survival of a Dress, a Family, and Their Cherokee Heritage"; Michael Crocker, "Colorful Innovations"; and a revised and updated version of the brochure text for "New Discoveries in Georgia Painted Furniture" by Ashley Callahan and Dale L. Couch.

149 pp.; Illustrated (color).
Published: 2009

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